Dante, Fiorini

Dante Fiorini

Dante began his professional career as a painter and graphic artist in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Moved to Los Angeles, California in 2000 and founded Xentina Creative Group in 2004, a Digital Agency located in San Juan Capistrano, CA with production offices in Buenos Aires Argentina and Alicante, Spain.

Over the last ten years, he has been using his artistry and technological wizardry to assist companies from around the world to broadcast their messages to a wider audience through high-powered branding, marketing and Internet services.

The opportunity to work with what he loves has been a culmination of many previous artistic pursuits and inspirations. Mr. Floriniā€™s past experience has allowed him to fuse his fine arts and digital marketing knowledge into one complete medium. He is excited at the changes facing so many industries during the explosion of the digital information era and delights in participating in the new wave of opportunities technology has given the world.

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