Internet Presence Foundation: Audit Yourself!

I cannot stress enough how important an Internet Presence Audit is for effective digital marketing. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most overlooked things when it comes to building one’s internet presence.
A lot of businesses and individuals want to simply build a site, get top rankings and start seeing the sales roll in. Unfortunately, they aren’t aware that what happens before and during the website development is just as important for digital marketing as what happens after the site rolls out to the world.

Internet Presence Map (IPA)

IPA Map by Dante Fiorini

Being that said, my first recommendation to you today is to conduct an audit on your current internet presence. Get a clear, panoramic view of where you or your company stands in today’s internet world. Draw a map, like the one I did for me and my company Xentina (above). That’s your foundation and a start point to a better understanding of where you should be heading with your next digital marketing move.


Dante Fiorini / Founder & Creative Director

Xentina Creative Group

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